Daughters of Siyyon Foundation Inc., Mental Health Ministries was created to help with ending the stigma of shame surrounding mental illness in the faith community.  Research has shown that people with emotional problems frequently turn to clergy for help and that even people with serious mental illness are as likely to contact clergy as they are to contact mental health care professionals.¹

Our goal is to bring awareness by planting seeds of hope, that will empower people, specifically African Americans in the faith living with a mental illness and those who love and care for them, through ministry and faith, education, support services and advocacy.


  • One in five families have a family member who suffers from a severe mental illness. 

  • Mental illness occurs in all classes, ethnic, socioeconomic and national groups and   is found all over the world. 

  • Typically strikes youth in their most productive years. 

  • Represents an enormous waste of human potential. 

  • Can and does improve with treatment. 

  • Brain research continues with the hope that the cause and cure will be found.  Meanwhile, chronic mental illnesses are responding to the new medications and together with psychotherapy and adequate support systems.

Reference:    ¹ Craig Rennebohm with David Paul, Mental Health Ministry

                             ²  Facts About Mental Illness, National Alliance on Mental Illness