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Mental Illness Awareness Week

In 1990, the U.S. Congress established the first week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW). The goal is to end the stigma associated with mental illness and to ensure better understanding and access to diagnosis and treatment.

The first Tuesday of Mental Illness Awareness Week has been designated as the National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Awareness and Understanding. The prayers and actions of both faith communities and secular organizations are needed to restore mental wellness in America. In seeking God's guidance, we can recommit ourselves to replacing misinformation, blame, fear and prejudice with truth and love in order to offer hope to all who are touched by mental illness.

Did You Know?

  • One in four persons sitting in our pews has a family member struggling with mental health issues
  • One in ten children and youth has a serious mental illness condition
  • Fewer than one-third of adults and one-half of children who live with mental health needs receive any level of treatment in any one year
  • Many individuals with a mental health issue go first to a spiritual leader for help
Ideas for Faith Communities

Our faith communities can be a caring congregation for persons living with a mental illness and their family member. There are many ways to begin an education program with a congregation.
  • Invite a speaker or offer a workshop to teach people that mental illnesses are brain disorders
  • Get educational material and referral information from groups like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) and Mental Health America (MHA)
  • Use bulletin inserts, brochures and handouts to educate about serious mental illness
  • Offer a health fair and include education about different mental illnesses
  • Use liturgies, prayers and sermons to raise awareness about mental illness
  • Participate in an interfaith community event for the National Day of Prayer for Understanding

People with mental problems are our neighbors. They are members of our congregations, members of our families; they are everywhere in this country. If we ignore their cries for help, we will be continuing to participate in the anguish from which those cries for help come. A problem of this magnitude will not go away. Because it will not go away, and because of our spiritual commitments, we are compelled to take action. (Rosalynn Carter)

NAMI Faithnet
Mental Illness Awareness Week
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The Bible

It is important that you understand that the Bible and “all scripture is given by the inspiration of God.” (2 Timothy 3:16)  The Bible is a life-saving tool for those who use it.  The Word of God is alive and active (quick and powerful). It is sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates so deeply that it can divide soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12 (NIV). 

Biblical Insights for Healing Relationships

The Bible serves as a mirror to the soul and spirit. Before you can help another heal, or develop secure relationships with others, you must first begin your personal journey to healing, recovery, and wellness. Your emotional health can influence an individual’s environment, development, and social behaviors. Why? Because you influence their daily routine. You have power to contribute to others physical, mental, educational, and emotional development.  For some, it's not what we have learned, it is how we learn and what was mirrored before us.

Feelings of guilt during childhood are linked to mental illness.  Excessive guilt is a known symptom of adult depression, but a new study finds that such feelings – left untreated in childhood - can predict future mental illness, including depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and bipolar disorder. ¹

Psychosomatic illness: Is defined as a situation in which the mind influences the body to create or complicate an illness or the relationship between spiritual/psychological conflicts and physical illness. ²

Recovery:  It can seem like a long process and at times uncertain. Particularly, when emotional roadblocks  seek to derail the process with negative thoughts, flooding memories and unhealthy behaviors, especially when you are moving towards your optimal goal. For some, too much change, to soon, can create fear, creating  automatic   emotional roadblocks during the recovery process.  This can cycle a relapse. Examples include; pushing those who care further away, isolation feelings of worthlessness, and difficulty concentrating and making decisions and changes in sleep patterns.  These are not uncommon in the recovery progress,  but with the help of family, friends and social support, recovery can prove to be "… a journey of healing and transformation, enabling a person with a mental health problem to live a meaningful life in a community of their choice while striving to achieve his or her full potential." ³

The Bible and Counseling

Biblical counseling is practical and effective. It does not view people simply as spiritual beings with spiritual problems; instead the Biblical Counselor sees the individual as a physical, emotional, cognitive, and relational being. One focus of biblical counseling is to help others develop a Bible-based worldview of their life and recognize the core truth that guides right thinking and actions. The goal of biblical counseling is spiritual maturity.5

Do you apply biblical-principles to your life? Do you use the B.I.B.L.E. (basic instructions before leaving earth) as the road map to correct household dysfunctions, adverse childhood experiences, chronic diseases, financial adversities and dismantle roadblocks in your life?  Today,  make a decision to grow  your  relationships using biblical-strategies and principles that can help you emotionally, spiritually and physically. I urge you to make this decision regardless of your personal experiences, your past adversities, inconsistent pains and sufferings, as well as your history with guilt and shame. Learn to develop your relationship with others, understand your temperament and operate in your strengths; in doing so, you can heal emotionally and live joyfully to fulfill your purpose.  

Within the Bible there are liberating truths that will help you understand who you are in Christ and the role He has in your life. Knowing this truth will empower your faith and create hope and confidence in God through His Son, Jesus. Establishing an intimate and personal relationship with God also teaches emotional tolerance with others.  

Each of us carries a unique identity to ensure that we fulfill our destiny.  Psalms 139:16 (NET) declares, “Your eyes saw me when I was inside the womb. All the days ordained for me were recorded in your scroll before one of them came into existence.”

Wellness  focuses on the whole person. It integrates balance between spiritual, physical, social, mental, emotional and  vocational health.  Therefore, wellness is an active process that facilitates  positive and healthier choices at any stage of life.  It includes a set of principles and strategies that facilitates the practice of behavior enhancing approaches that promote self-care and well being.  Although, wellness is a lifelong process that requires  consistent effort, its rewards are endlessly fulfilling to those who seek optimal healing in body, mind and spirit.  4

A VICTORIOUS LIFE is the ability to maintain harmony and balance spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, and financially, so that you or a love one may have victorious life in Christ.  Become an emotionally secure person who lives with fulfillment and purpose, and a winner who has what it takes to maintain relationships.  

You can find rest, peace and security as a Spirit-filled, born again believer, who meditates on the Word, using biblical principles that empowers and affirms your confidence in God.

Relationships are about the whole person using effective coping methods to relate to others within relationships. The truth is, there is nothing you can do to change the past. The key is to  discover what's keeping you stuck in the experience.   Is it time for you or someone you love to seek medical, psychological treatment, or Christian counselor?  Perhaps it is time to work with a wellness coach to enhance and fine-tune specific areas  to enhance your well-being  and learn new skills to cope with overwhelming personal and/or family traumas.

The Bible tells us that, Jesus carried  all our griefs, sorrows, pains and afflictions in His finish work on the cross.  He did all this for you with His own blood and today He  desires to heal your broken heart, and bind up your wounds.  Hanging onto guilt, shame, fear and un-forgiveness can block the Holy Spirit power to heal the deep parts of your soul.  Today, release any hurts in the hands of Jesus, for He cares for you. In doing so,   you can experience the healing that is offered to each of us.  Faith is unseen. It is a belief that we hope for and does not put us to shame, because of God's love, He heals and forgives all who believes in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

 “Be Whole, Be Well and Be Blessed”.

Deborah L Jones-Allen, D. Min, PhD.

NCCA Licensed Christian Counselor


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Mirrored Reflection: You're Only Looking At The Surface Of Things An Emotional Experience to Unleash Pain, Hope and Determination
by Deborah L. Jones-Allen, Ph.D


Mirrored Reflection is Dr. Deborah Jones-Allen’s transition through an emotional journey to unleash pain and walk into hope and determination. Deborah Jones-Allen expresses that, deep secrets were embedded in her heart along with shame, guilt and fears. Then she realized that divine intervention could not only help her understand childhood hurts but help her heal from them too. Mirrored Reflection is for everyone that is ready to take a long, hard and prayerful look at the person in the mirror and embrace healing, power and purpose.