Dr. Allen’s passion and personal mission is to help those who lives have been affected through the inter-generational transmission of traumas contributing to adverse childhood experiences or ACEs.  She is prepared to help others experiencing emotional challenges increase their ability to manage adversity, build resilience, regulate and repair their lives, so they can heal.  Her communication style is non-judgmental, as she shares the power of forgiveness through the lens of God’s unconditional love and biblical accounts when understood can heal a broken heart.

 In 2009, she began her inner healing journey, putting words to her feelings. Sharing her intimate emotional struggles of overcoming the adversities of childhood sexual abuse, rejection and challenges as a teenage parent.   Dr. Deborah is the author of “Mirrored Reflection” an emotional experience to unleash pain, hope and determination.  A native of Miami FL, living with her husband, Ronald of 21 years. She acknowledges, that it was God, who strengthen their marital relationship spiritually and emotionally, as they cared for a grandson who was affected by inter-generational adverse childhood experiences, leaving an impact of emotional neglect and the sting of family dysfunction resulting from young deaf parents.  At an early age, he mastered the ability to keep a code of silence at school and from social services sectors to protect the secrecy of domestic violence and physical abuse within his family.  

Her belief is, if we know the truth about what happen to us as a child and how these things happen. Learn to increase our emotional literacy by applying non-judgmental words to our memories and our current emotions, then we can help prevent ACEs from happening to those close to us and thereby, reducing ACEs long-term autoimmune, behavioral and psychological effects, that have not healed with time.  Her background has aided her to identify and manage challenging behaviors finding solutions when employees are experiencing workplace stress, which has increase her emotional IQ, to look for any changes in worker’s behavioral health.  

She has served within her community as a voice for Florida’s Abused and Neglected Children, volunteering as a Guardian Ad Litem, a helpline counselor for Switchboard of Miami and volunteering for Dade County Public School Listeners/Oyentes program.  She has received several community service awards from organizations such as; Broward County Business Women Network and USA/UNA Broward County Chapter. She was a guest on VertiKal Bistro/Cafe online radio and featured in the VertiKal Magazine, “Women on the Rise” segment. Appearing on ABC-Sarasota Fl, “The Black Almanac” a guest for Our Children Our Future on WLRN Talk radio and has written several counseling articles for SPIRIT RISING MAGAZINE -Pecan Tree Publishing.

Her ministry goals include building partnerships that focuses on repairing relational trauma, increasing resilience to manage adversity and for individuals affected by ACEs to learn techniques to heal so they can envision and embrace a positive future. She understands if ACEs are left untreated those affected are at a greater risk for economic disparities, substance abuse, behavioral-mental health issues, chronic diseases, incarnation and premature death.  Dr. Allen feels, it’s time to initiate conversation with those in our families, communities and take personal responsibility to help build a safe space for those who conceal their adverse childhood experiences with shame, secrecy and social taboos. As these coping devices are unconsciously used as protective barriers or temporarily solutions to seek emotional relief in one’s home environment, worship centers and the communities in which they live. 

Dr. Deborah Jones-Allen is the founder of Daughters of Siyyon Foundation, Inc., (formally known as Daughters of Siyyon) an “Emotional Counseling Ministry.” She is a Licensed Christian Counselor and an Ordained Pastoral Counselor.  She earned a Ph. D. in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and a Doctoral of Ministry, a Master of Science in School Guidance Counseling and a MBA in Organizational Management. She has more than 25 years of management experience in health care and currently a part-time instructor for MDCPS adult education.