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Daughters of Siyyon Foundation, Inc. (DOSF), is a 501c3 (not for profit   faith-based organization providing services within a Christ-centered framework. DOSF is built on a Biblical foundation and maintains its religious identity by providing holistic services that are biblically-based and theologically rich in love, faith, and hope. Our services are engaging and transforming, with a spiritual component that promotes healing, personal growth,  and emotional maturity.  As well as, providing cost effective Biblical counseling, support  and educational programs that integrate biblical principles and strategies to life's problems.

DOSF understands that there are multiple pathways to recover from behavioral, emotional, spiritual and relational issues. One of our goals is to minister hope and healing  as we seek  to end the stigma  of mental and emotional illness within families, congregations, and  our communities.  We know that  traumatic facts can not be change, however with the grace of God, people can recover and do heal from past traumas, as well as, traumas related to adverse childhood experiences.  DOSF believes that strong families within our communities  are important to restoring balance in today's society.

Our hope is to develop as many  partnerships as possible with non-governmental organizations, community based organizations, public and private sectors to help identify emotional and mental  illness  as DOSF bring awareness within cultures, alter generational patterns dealing with past and present traumas, and equip people with the skills they need for emotional and mental well being, as we minister  hope, healing and empowerment around the world.

Make your tax deductible donation to Daughters of Siyyon Foundation today. 

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